About Us

Music City PHiNs and the PHiP Organization

The mission of the Music CIty PHiNs is to promote the purpose of the PHiP organization. Our mission is to promote the international network of Parrot Head Clubs as a humanitarian group sharing information and social activities for mutual benefit. In other words... We Party with a Purpose!

Charities We Support

Our group, the Music City PHiPs have supported these charities in the past if you would like to support any of them follow these links:

<Insert Charities with links>

Benefits of Joining

  1. You will make great new friends!
  2. Support local charities.
  3. Meet the local Trop Rock Groups.
  4. Go to amazing Events!

Our organization engages in activities that are charitable, educational and that promote the general welfare of our community.

Parrot Heads in Paradise, Inc. and Music City PHiPs are Not-For-Profit groups. Our purpose is to assist in community and environmental concerns and provide a variety of social activities for people who are interested in the music of Jimmy Buffett and other Trop Rock groups the tropical lifestyle they live.

Meet the Music City PHiP Officers:

President - Scott Gund prez@musiccityphins.com

Vice President Chip Staley

Treasurer - Jim Cozart Treasurer@musiccityphins.com

Secretary - Shari Gund redneckbeachgurl@gmail.com

Website - Michelle Ray dmr@danamichelleray.com

Committee Chairs

We need volunteers for Membership, Event Planning, Fund Raising/Volunteer Coordinator

Parrot Heads in Paradise, Inc

This madness started with one club in Atlanta (founder, Scott Nickerson) and has blossomed to a network of over 200 clubs around the U.S. plus international clubs based in Canada, Europe, the Caribbean and Australia.


2002: Over $1.4 Million and 360,000 Volunteer Hours
2003: Over $1.6 Million and 365,000 Volunteer Hours
2004: Over $2.2 Million and 405,000 Volunteer Hours
2005: Over $2.7 Million and 664,000 Volunteer Hours
2006: Over $2.6 Million and 173,000 Volunteer Hours
2007: Over $2.9 Million and 182,000 Volunteer Hours
2008: Over $3.1 Million and 175,000 Volunteer Hours
2009: Over $2.8 Million and 180,000 Volunteer Hours
2010: Over $2.9 Million and 215,000 Volunteer Hours
2011: Over $4.1 Million and 194,000 Volunteer Hours
2012: Over $3.5 Million and 193,000 Volunteer Hours
2013: Over $4.1 Million and ..78,000 Volunteer Hours
2014: Over $3.3 Million and 372,000 Volunteer Hours
2015: Over $3.2 Million and 218,000 Volunteer Hours
2016: Over $3.4 Million and 190,000 Volunteer Hours
2017: Over $4.1 Million and 198,000 Volunteer Hours
2018: Over $3.4 Million and 211,000 Volunteer Hours
2019: Over $3.4 Million and 230,000 Volunteer Hours


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